our trail

relic {re-lic} n: something kept as a remembrance or treasured: heirloom

We are: Artists. Alaskans. Free spirits. World travelers. Story tellers. Coffee Addicts. Camera junkies. Adventurers. Best friends. And sisters. We were born and raised in Alaska and mostly grew up in the sticks of Willow. Our parents loved us and were champions of the entrapranureal spirit.

We were taught that freedom, adventure, faith and love were everything worth fighting, living, and dying for.

Photography was a trail travelled early on. When the other kids wanted to be doctors or fire fighters, we wanted to work for National Geographic. We have countless childhood memories of tacking up sheets for backdrops, hiking through Hatcher Pass with 35 mm cameras, and playing photographer. Never in a million years did we guess that one day, decades later, we would still be side-by-side, best friends, doing what we love most.

In 2011 life happened and a heart broke. A family split. And suddenly the dream of photography re-emerged as a single mother’s shout of faith. Bank accounts were drained. A camera was purchased. And hope blazed the way. We believe that some of the most beautiful things grow out of the darkest places.

We believe that the hard parts, especially the hard parts, are worth their weight in gold and that everything good is a gift. Relic is just that to us: an undeserved and incredible blessing that was born out of a really hard time. Soon after, we combined efforts and formed a sister-team. The rest is history!

Our photographic journey has truly been our grandest adventure and we can’t wait to continue blazing our trail.

This is who we are

living with passion

Hanna she is a dreamer.

I love a good party, dancing until I die, a dark sky sprinkled with stars, strong coffee, the sound of my children laughing, cold sheets, giving a holler at the top of a mountain, bacon wrapped dates, and the weight of my camera in hand.

When I'm not taking your photos and editing like a crazy person, I am probably painting the town red with my man or kicking back with my quiver full of children. Life is big and I try to live it all.

I am obsessed with color, light, all things vintage, and creating something from nothing. I love people. I love photography and think my job rocks. Travel and wanderlust are in my blood so when those loves combine, it's the best part of life.

Heidi A Doer. A thinker.

It's all about curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Slow Saturday mornings with my family. The look of my daughter twirling in sunshine. The sound my son makes when he sleeps.

I think the best photos are made in the in-between moments, the bat of eyelashes, the wind whipping through hair, laughter unrestrained. I'm an artist at heart. I think pictures are poetic and am absolutely in love with photography.

I think life is so complex, difficult, wonderful, beautiful, amazing. I get to celebrate the seasons of yours behind my lens and I love that.

The Collections

No. 1 BASIC SESSION pre-session consultation
60 minute session
on-site or studio location
fine art edits
in-person ordering
25-35 image proofs
$100 of purchase credit
No. 2 EXTENDED SESSION pre-session consultation
120 minute session
on-site or studio location
fine art edits
in-person ordering
50 - 60 image proofs
$100 of purchase credit
No. 3 ADVENTURE SESSION pre-session consultation
3 hour session
on-site location
fine art edits
in-person editing
75-85 image proofs
$200 of purchase credit

words of praise

"we meet no ordinary people in our lives" - C.S. Lewis

We love the art of photography, but even more than that - we love pleasing our clients and creating beauty for each and every one. For this reason, we are proud of our 5-star record of service. Please visit our Facebook page to read through hundred of honest reviews from our clients and friends.