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Home is Where the Heart is

It is probably fair to say that 95% of our photography takes place outside. We live in Alaska, after all. She is the most beautiful backdrop; she is brilliant and wondrous and awe-inspiring. But even so, there is something pretty magical that happens when we step back from her every once in awhile and draw inward, to the heart of it all: our homes. If you have never considered being photographed in your space, we hope that you do! Here are a few of the reasons we love bringing in:

YOUR HOME IS YOUR STORY Tucked inside a few walls and windows is a location that is truly who you are. The photos on the wall, splashes of color here and there, the book on the coffee table, or cat curled up in the corner of the couch, the smudged toddler prints pressed into the glass: these are all parts of your life. What better place to tell your story than here, where you unfold and wear all your moments? Images become strongly sentimental and feature an intimacy that you just won’t find elsewhere.

YOUR HOME IS YOUR COMFORT The moment you walk through the front door you probably kick off your shoes, shake your hair out and breathe out a big sigh. Home is relief. It’s respite from life. It is your sanctuary. So it’s not hard to imagine why photographing here is so comfortable for clients. In home tends to be a little more casual and informal, so it won’t feel as pressured as sometimes on-location sessions can feel like. There are no maps to follow, weather to dress for, audience to watch you. Clients are able to relax, which leads to capturing organic connection and emotion: the main ingredients for amazing photography.

YOUR HOME IS WARM As beautiful as Alaska can be, she can also be harsh, unpredictable, uncomfortable and just plain rude. As I type this post, it is a whopping -4 degrees. Even in times of year when there are no sub-zero temperatures biting at our heels, we still contend with rain, crazy wind-storms and all the other unsavory shenanigans that Alaska likes to dish out. In-home sessions mean never having to deal with the stress of any of that. There are no reschedules for inclement weather. No layering up, no hand-warmers or ice cleats. No blotchy skin, runny noses or clouds of breath when you breathe out. Just simplicity. This is a great option for babies or young kiddos who might not be able to fake it quite as well as the grown-ups.

YOUR HOME IS ORIGINAL We get bored easily, especially when locations become trendy and client requests all start to sound the same. We love that you will have one-of-a-kind photos in your space. No two sets will ever look the same! Sometimes clients are concerned that their homes are not ‘nice’ enough for indoor photos, but we have found that it does not matter the age or size. Good photography is a story about you and your love. The home itself is not really the focal point. Besides, we love a quirky space! It brings images to life and gives personality.


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