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Storybook Floral Co.

In our years as Relic we have had many opportunities to work alongside so many talented vendors and among them, florists are particularly special because, well, flowers. Flowers bring the romance, the color, the detail, the delicacy…and our photos respond in the most beautiful ways. We HIGHLY recommend adding some floral components to your sessions whether that means accessorizing with them (Flower crowns, hair clips, bouquets, etc) or shooting in them. (flower farms, wildflower patches, gardens etc.)

Recently we had the opportunity to take photos for Hannah Weihe at Storybook Floral Co., a local florist based out of Big Lake. We took some branding images for her at her home base and even Keza came along to do a little modeling. Hannah is extra special to us because we have some history! We met in the 9th grade and went to high school together. It didn’t take long for us to discover some cool similarities like both being named Hanna! In addition, we were both born at Providence Hospital on the same day, 10 minutes apart. Our parents were the same ages, in the same career fields, and were married in the same chapel in Glennalen, Alaska. How’s that for trippy?! It’s so fun that all these years later we reconnected in the artistic jobs that have become our way of life!

Hannah has been creating flower art for over twenty years and we figured that since she is the expert, we would ask her a few questions so you could all get to know her. Her work is truly amazing and we are thrilled when our clients walk into our sessions bedazzled with her fresh cut creations.

Please tell us about you and how you came to be a florist! 

I came across an entry-level job at a local flower shop in high school. I started by delivering flowers (before smart phones, or even MapQuest – I am THAT old) and scrubbing buckets. I eventually graduated to Designer, eventually managing a shop. I’ve been on quite a life journey ever since. Traveling the world, managing other people’s businesses and even getting a cosmetology license. Along the way I was still casually designing flowers for events; the art form always pulled me back. So, a few years ago (with the encouragement of my wonderful husband) I decided to make it a business. I’m still a part-time paralegal, along with being a homeschool mom of 2 spunky boys and am actively involved in our community! I balance all of the ‘busy’ out with lots of time outdoors and with a love of cooking. 

What is your fav flower and why? 

A King Protea; it is so unbelievably unique. 

How would you describe your style? 

Natural. Earthy, but colorful. I love organic shapes and tend to design in ways that don’t look forced. I think asymmetry is beautiful. 

Why did you choose the name Storybook Floral? 

As a mom I love the art in children’s books! I always thought it would be pretty as art on walls. I think illustrators are the unsung heroes of the art world. So, as a nod to motherhood, all things beautiful, and also to the ups and downs in the journey of life: Storybook. 

What is your favorite thing to create? 

Oooh that’s hard! Anything that feels unique; anytime someone asks “what would you do in this space?” (Versus just recreating looks from a Pinterest board) Don’t get me wrong, boards are a necessary tool.. but give your florist creative space where you can. 

Do you have suggestions for creative ways our clients could use florals in their sessions? 

Absolutely! For wearable art add a floral crown or more dainty floral clips that can be tucked in. Floral earrings and wrist cuffs are a fun trend right now, too! As for adding an artistic element to your shoot, I think flowers can be added to almost anything! It’s my goal to accentuate a person or place’s natural beauty: never to take the focus off the subject, but rather to make it more stunning with some well-placed florals. 

If you would like to check out Hannah’s work, please visit her website at STORYBOOK FLORAL CO. and follow her on social media on her Facebook and Insta! She is available for hire whether you are planning wedding florals or want some unique accessories for your portrait session. (Hint, Hint! Your photographers LOVE this idea!)


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