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Jocelynn // photographer love letters

About 16 years ago, a beautiful girl was born. My humongous family ordered pizzas and gathered at hospital visitors room and waited for Jocey to make her grand debut. It took awhile! Long enough for me to write a letter

May 20, 2006

Dear Little Flower, Dear Jocelynn Rose, 

Three months ago I was here, just two rooms over, on a night much like this one, under a velvet February sky. I remember my whole body pricked with sweat, arms trembling and open and waiting like they were lost and trying to find their way home. My heart just about exploded inside me, a sky bursting with fireworks, when they finally placed his little naked body against my own. He made me a mother. 

And tonight you, sweet girl, will make me an auntie. You and Gideon are the first of who knows how many. You are the pioneers, the alphas. You are the ones who will teach us all how to love. You already have. 

I don’t know who you are yet, but I know that you are cradled inside so many hearts already. I know that you will be beautiful, like your mother. How could you not? I know you will be a hard worker, like your father, and brave like him too. And somehow, I would like to think that maybe you will be a little of me also, the headstrong firstborn girl, the trailblazer, the passionate, the happy little leader. 

I hope I am the best auntie ever to you. I hope you love me back. I can’t wait to hold you and meet you. I can’t wait to kiss your miniature face and hold your miniature hand. I can’t wait to always be there for you, to watch you grow up, to have sleepovers and paint nails and talk about boys and dip our toes into just enough mischief. That’s what aunties are for, you know.  The extra scoop of ice cream, the lipstick, the late nights. I get to be the little bit extra, the secret smile, the wink…and I can’t wait. 

More than anything, I hope you are rooted in our love. I hope it digs deep into your heart and your soul. I hope you always know, from your toes to your top, that you were created with purpose, that the Lord made you with intention, that you are wanted, accepted, loved. 

I’m ending this letter with the news that it’s almost time and I get to go watch you make your grand entrance. This world cannot wait to welcome you. 

I will always love you, Jocelynn. 

-Auntie Hanna


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