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Relic Portrait Sessions

We offer lots of types of photography! Here is a list of some of our regularly booked sessions! Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call, we are full of ideas!

CHILDREN // There are about 940 Saturdays between birth and college. Anyone who is a parent knows how quickly the time falls between fingers. Children’s photography is meant to capture them while they are still young, in the wonder, through the changes and growth, awkward stages and all. You will want to remember it all. Photography keeps a visual record of their personalities and growth and is so important.

SENIOR // Gone are the days of boring, studio photos with starched shirts and mirrored reflections. Times have changed and senior photos are now an expected rite of passage. Seniors look forward to this event the entirety of high school and it is just as special for parents. Here are your sons and daughters, toes curled around the precipice, ready to jump into the rest of their lives. It’s a thrilling moment, and something worth gold in photographs.

COUPLES // Love is beautiful. It’s art. It’s worthy. We photograph couples of all ages, in all walks of life, whether dating or engaged couples, when love stories are young and new or for seasoned partners who have weathered life’s storm and dug deep roots. We love the fresh faced and wrinkly versions alike, because the bottom line is that love is beautiful and worth celebrating. Celebrate anniversaries, milestones, or just the regular in-and-out of days. Curl up for an in-home session or stand on the top of a mountain. We can customize something spectacularly you.

PORTRAIT // Portrait sessions are for anyone, of any age, for any reason. Maybe you are a young woman that just made it through nursing school and want to document the achievement or have just overcome your battle with cancer. Maybe you are always the one behind the camera and want to leave a legacy in photographs. Maybe you are starting a new career and need professional images that go the extra mile. Photography is for everyone.

BOUDOIR // Boudoir is thrilling. It’s feminine. It’s wild and free. We photograph women 18 – 100 (Our oldest to date was 78!!) in this genre, all races, walks of life, and size and shape. Some ladies take boudoir to surprise a partner, others to celebrate their beauty, others to overcome something inside them. Whatever the reason, this session is redeeming, confidence-building, powerful and just plain fun. We shoot in-home, studio or most commonly outdoors for an AK version. A field of fireweed? A turquoise river? A mountain top? We are game for anything.

BRIDAL // Maybe you are engaged, just newly married or have been married for twenty years – we have clients of all ages and stages choose to put on their wedding clothes, grab a bouquet, and finally get the wedding photos they have always dreamed of. It’s never too late. We have photographed people engaged only a day and also a 70 year-old bride celebrating 50 years together with her husband. There are no rules with adventure photography or limits when it comes to documenting love. Life is short! Get the photos you have always dreamed of!

MATERNITY // Your arms are open and empty, waiting to be filled. Love has grown, inch by inch, in your belly and your heart. You are shedding the cocoon of the life you once lived and are now, unbelievably, a mother. Please document this metomorphisis. Don’t let it pass by, even if you feel tired and sweaty and huge and less than. You are a walking miracle, a life-giver, a powerful force and it is so worth remembering. Bring your partner, your children, document new life, in all its forms and stages. Life is art.

BABY // There is nothing so special and a new baby, first waking to the world. Crumpled, flaky skin, pink rosebud lips, rolls and wrinkles, teeny tiny fingers and toes. The first year of life is so precious and so many changes abound. Imagery is the way we hold onto those fleeting features. We love, love, love documenting the love story between you and your baby and creating imagery that you will treasure forever as family heirlooms.

FAMILY // Our most often booked genre is family and for obvious reasons: family is the most important thing. It is so imperative that you get in the frame together, that you hold one another, whip your heads back and laugh, be silly, be sweet, walk into the sunset, dance against the big, blue sky. These are moments we need to give each other, because they are the moments we will hold onto forever. These are what you will hold in your hands when they leave your nest. And one day, when you have lived your life in full, this is what they will cling to and treasure. The intimacy that we have with one another should be framed, papered to our walls and in our hearts.

EVENT // Several times per year we host various themed photo events. These are performed at a pre-determined location and date, and sessions are booked back-to-back. These sessions are not customizable, since they are already planned out, but they are loads of fun and usually include some special perks or venues. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn about upcoming specialty sessions or visit here:


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