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I-Do-Over Sessions

Every year we get inquiries from couples who want a second chance at wedding photos. Sometimes they had disappointment or regret that they didn’t choose to get a wedding photographer, or the one they wanted wasn’t available. Sometimes it was finances. Some had photographers that literally just didn’t show up. (Wuuuut) Some didn’t realize the importance at the time. Some had images that didn’t turn out or just had a bad experience in general. Other couples might just want to celebrate their love story again. Or get another opportunity to wear that special dress.

Of course, as photographers whose goal is capture authentic love and create heirloom-quality art, hearing some of these stories is heartbreaking! Love is the most beautiful thing. And we think everyone needs amazing wedding photos. So, as a solution to the heartache we so often hear about, we invented the “I-Do-Over-Session”.

For the last 10 years we have been photographing wedding re-do’s and they are positively our favorite sessions. Some couples have been married just a few months and some have been married 50+ years. Marriage is worth celebrating, memorializing and honoring no matter the season. Love is thrilling. And it is even more thrilling with a few years under the bridge. There is something spectacular about seasoned couples, ones that have already formed into the shape of their partners arms, have learned to fight and overcome, have grown roots that are deep and sure and strong.

Often on wedding days photos are limited to the venue location and revolve around a set timeline. With I-Do-Over sessions, the world is our oyster! We can shoot on wind-blown beaches, fields of wildflowers, glaciers, mountain tops, or anywhere else we would like to dream up. Photographically, this allows us the freedom to get the most insanely beautiful views and amazing imagery.

If you aren’t crazy about your wedding photos, or want a fresh perspective to celebrate your love story, CALL US. Everyone should have wedding imagery they are crazy about. Don’t wait! We would love to get you the photos of your absolute dreams whether it’s in your original dress or a new one, whether you have been married 10 days or 10 years. We love framing love.

Featured Below is Jim and Atoya. When these two got married, at first they chose a photographer that wasn’t the best fit for them. They didn’t end up love their wedding photos. In fact, Atoya said she cried when she first viewed them. She didn’t feel beautiful. The images fell flat. It wasn’t what they had been dreaming of.

Instead of living with the disappointment forever, she did her research, found us, two ‘lil Alaska photographers, and asked us if we would be willing to help her create re-do photos while they were visiting our state. Of course, we said yes. ‘I-Do-Over’ Sessions are one of our favorite things to photograph. Redeeming a wrong, proving that the beauty was always there, capturing and celebrating love: these are our whole heart.

We had one shot before they had to depart and we had a crazy day of rain. But rain makes rainbows, and finding the right photographer for your needs, the one you connect with and can catch your vision, makes for beautiful imagery. Below are a few images from their rainy-day Hatcher Pass session that we love.


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